Full-Service Auto Care and Repair

Quality Repairs at an Honest Price, Delivered with Care and Understanding

Full Service means Full Service!

A full-service auto care company like John’s Auto Care can provide whatever you need for your vehicle. We can handle those routine preventative maintenance services like oil changes, tune-ups, and the like. But we’re also skilled and experienced enough to tackle those major repairs, including engine and transmission work. Plus everything in between. Got an RV? We love RVs. Bring it in. Full service is our promise. And here’s a summary of the services and inspections we offer:

  • Complete automotive repair
  • Computer diagnostic service
  • Factory scheduled maintenance
  • Extended warranty service
  • Foreign and domestic
  • Fleet accounts

John’s Auto Care also:

  • Services RVs
  • Offers fleet servicing
  • Provides limited FREE shuttle service
  • Does STAR testing and STAR repairs

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Auto Maintenance

What is Your Car Problem?

Car not starting? Is your “Check Engine Light” or “Service Engine Soon” light illuminated? Are unusual noises coming from your vehicle? Are you seeing red dashboard warning lights -- like an “Oil” light that won’t go off? Have your miles per gallon, or “MPG,” dropped off? Is it time for routine preventive maintenance? Is your vehicle riding unusually harsh? Are you planning a car trip and need to be certain that your vehicle is truly road-worthy?

Some of these symptoms could be the start of something big. Give us a call at 916.791.2886 (AUTO). Or email us at admin@jac.repair

Enjoy The Experience at John’s Auto Care

Few people actually like the idea of getting their cars maintained or repaired. John’s Auto Care will change your mind about that. And here’s how:

Less stress. We are known for honest repairs at honest prices.

Fewer trips to the dealer. We can do everything for your car that the dealer can do (except maybe warranty work and recalls).

Save some money. Our pricing usually beats dealer pricing for the exact same service or repair.

Save some time. We do preventive maintenance and major repairs. Full service. One stop for everything.

Experience convenience. Depending on where you live, you may qualify for a FREE shuttle ride.

Simplify SMOG tests and repairs. We are a STAR Test & Repair Station, so we can do both the test AND make repairs, if needed. One stop.