Get your STAR Smog Check here

Let’s say you received your California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) renewal notice. And you saw that the renewal notice said: "Smog Certification Required at a STAR Station." What does this mean?

It means that the California DMV has chosen your vehicle to be inspected at a STAR certified smog station. These STAR certified smog stations are monitored closely by the California Bureau of Automotive Repairs (BAR) and must conform to high standards established by the BAR.

So what must you do if your notice says: "Smog Certification Required at a STAR Station”? It means that you MUST obtain your vehicle smog test at either of two types of STAR stations:

  1. STAR Test Only Center. This type of center is only authorized to perform smog inspections. It is not allowed to do smog check repairs.
  2. STAR Test & Repair Station. This type of center can do both. It is authorized by the BAR to perform STAR smog inspections AND to repair and certify all vehicles.

We’re a STAR Test & Repair Station

If your notice said “Smog Certification Required at a STAR Station,” than you probably want to get tested at John’s Auto Care (or another STAR Test & Repair Station). Because then, if your vehicle needs repairs to become certified, you can get those repairs at the same place you receive the test. It’s the most convenient choice.

What about those drivers whose notices did NOT say: "Smog Certification Required at a STAR Station”? Those vehicle owners can go anywhere in California where smog tests are given, whether it’s a STAR certified smog station or not.

Still have smog test questions? Call John’s Auto Care at 916.791.2886 (AUTO) and we’ll do our best to answer them.